Etruscan Antefix with Bearded Satyr


Circa 6th Century BC

Beige terracotta architectural antefix with frontal depiction in high relief of a bearded satyr. His large almond-shaped eyes and archaic smile are framed by a wealth of hair above and a semi-circular beard below. Much of the vibrant original red paint for the face and brown for the hair and beard remains. At the back is a partial arch which would have attached to the roof tile. A bold example with great visual presence, probably from Tarquinia.

Height:7.5 in (19 cm)

Condition: Intact as shown.

Provenance: Formerly in a private German collection.

Reference: See Italy of the Etruscans by Ines Jucker, p. 257-261 for a variety of 6th Century BC Etruscan antefixes.

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