Finely Detailed Bronze Mercury


Circa 1st Century AD

Fine, highly detailed cast bronze statuette of the Roman god of traders and merchants, Mercury. He wears a petasus on his head and carries his traditional attribute, the caduceus, in his left hand. Topping the caduceus are two entwined snakes, the upper portion of one now missing. He holds a patera in his right hand with articulated thumb on the top of the vessel and fingers below. The god is shown nude except for the cloak he wears, pinned on his right shoulder and draped in a v-pattern. The garment is marked by crisp, angular folds and cascades over the god’s left shoulder. Body is carefully modeled with well defined musculature. The god’s head and face with small curls showing from under the brim of the petasus. Eyes, nose and mouth all well defined.

Height: 2.1 in. (5 cm)

Condition: Intact as shown with dark, even, attractive patina and nicely preserved detail. Mounted on plexiglass block display stand.

Provenance: Formerly in an East Coast USA private collection.

Price: $3,200

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