Superb Greek Marble Lidded Pyxis


Circa 3rd-2nd Century BC

Description:  Elegant and rare example of a finely carved lidded Greek pyxis, a vessel associated with women in antiquity and generally used for holding items, such as earrings and rings, considered precious to the owner.  The rounded body is thoughtfully utilitarian with straight sides and deep basin for storage of small objects, a slight ledge near the top. An integral circular foot carved at the base. The separately carved lid is centrally domed with a small “pine cone” knob. The marble is milky white with a touch of light gray veining. Not only beautiful, but sturdy and usable as a modern ‘jewelry box.’ 

Height:   3 in (7.5 cm) 

Condition:  Intact with a few minor chips to the edge of the rim and base consistent with the age and not detracting from the object. Beautiful surface.    

Provenance:  David Cahn, Switzerland, prior to 2000, and formerly in a Swiss private collection.

Reference:  See Greek Gold: Jewelry of the Classical World (London 1994) by Dyfri Williams and Jack Ogden, p 90, for an earlier Greek marble pyxis in the British Museum with the gem it contained. 

Price:  $2,750

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