Tanagra and the Figurines


Tanagra and the Figurines by Reynold Higgins (Trefoil Publishing 1986)

Definitive study of Tanagra figurines by Reynold Higgins, former keeper of antiquities at the British Museum. It examines the grave context in which the figurines were found and establishes a stylistic chronology. Dr Higgins also delves into the purposes for which they were made, the way in which they were modelled or moulded and then painted, and the many poses of figurines and what they represent. The book also explores the great demand for Tanagras upon the rediscovery in the 1870's, and provides insights into detecting forgeries and fakes.

A limited number of brand new copies.  Hardcover with dust jacket. 200 pages with 214 black & white plates.  A must have reference.

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