Sasanian Agate Stamp Seal with Priest at Altar


Circa 224-651 AD

Description:  Conical white agate Sasanian Period stamp seal.  Underside carved with scene of a robed and bearded king or priest wearing high hat sacrificing at an altar.  Pierced at the top in antiquity for attachment.  Comes with fired clay seal impression.       

Dimensions:  .80 in. (2 cm) high x .65 in. (1.7 cm) wide 

Condition:  Intact. Smooth, fine surface with good color.   

Provenance:  Formerly in the personal collection of distinguished Harvard-educated Byzantine scholar Carroll Wales (1918-2007).

Reference:  The Sasanian Empire during Late Antiquity is considered to have been one of Iran’s most important and influential historical periods and constituted the last great Iranian empire before the Muslim conquest and the  adoption of Islam. 

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