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Impressive Large Bronze Seated Harpokrates — SOLD


Circa 750-30 BC

Description:  Large finely detailed Late Period bronze seated figure of Harpocrates. The deity is shown sitting with his feet together resting on a trapezoidal base, his right forefinger to his lips and left hand bent at his side palm down. Fingers and toes all delineated. He is naked with the pudgy figure of a child. On his head he wears a nemes headcloth with uraeus and sidelock surmounted by a hem-hem crown, all incised with detail. His face is nicely rendered with full cheeks, incised lips and large almond-shaped eyes and eyebrows in shallow relief. The reverse is left plain with just a trail of the headdress along the nape of his neck and soft contours of his figure. 

Background:  Harpocrates is the Greek name given to this particular representation of Horus meaning “Horus the Child”. Though the deity took many forms in Ancient Egypt, Horus the Child was one of the most popular representations that survived through the Greco-Roman Period. He was considered to be the son of Isis and Osiris, tasking his father’s place on earth after avenging his death through numerous battles with Seth, the god of Chaos.

Height:  9.4 in. (23.5 cm)

Condition:  Intact with attractive green and brown patina. Well preserved detail. Custom stand.

Provenance:  Formerly property of a private Florida, USA, collector, who acquired it at Christies, 18 December 1998, lot #144.

Reference:  See George Steindorff’s Catalogue of the Egyptian Sculpture in the Walters Art Gallery (1946) no. 426 for nearly identical example.

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