Large Greyware Flagon


Circa 3rd-4th Century AD

Large Grey Ware Flagon

Description:  Substantial, elegant burnished grey ware flagon wheel-made from coarse clay. The vessel has a large bulbous body with narrow concave neck and flanged mouth broken at the top and short wide ridged handle that curves from the flange to the sloped shoulder. The body narrows into a subtle straight-sided flat foot, beneath which is raked with a pattern similar to rings within a tree trunk. A sturdy vessel with nearly flawless black burnished surface. Uncommon type.

Height: 10.25 in. (26 cm)

Condition:  Intact as shown. Minor losses to lip.

Provenance:  The vessel was formerly in the T. Sarmas Collection in London, acquired at auction in the West Country.

Background:  While popular in Ancient Rome, grey wares are hard to ascribe to a particular workshop or region. Such vessels were most popular in Roman Britain with nearly 75% of grey ware associated with the Portchester region. However, the type has been found as far away as Hungary and Spain.

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