Pair of Hellenistic Terracotta Musical Erotes


Circa 2nd Century BC

Delightful and lively pair of terracotta erotes (children of Aphrodite and predecessor to modern day 'cupid') both playing stringed musical instruments. The figurines are shown in three-quarters view as they turn their heads to look back at the viewer. Each is naked with right wing outstretched in profile, round buttocks and short stubby legs set apart in mid-stride. The erotes have their right arms raised to pluck their instruments, probably lyres. One is adorned with a wreath around its head. Hollow with unmodeled backs. Custom mounted on removable wooden stands.

Height:3.3 in. (8.9 cm)

Condition: Both figures are intact with nicely preserved original white slip accented with original pink and blue pigment on the feathered wings and elsewhere. Charming examples.

Provenance: Formerly a British private property.

Background: For simialr examples in the Louvre, see Catalouge Raisonne des Figurines et Reliefs en Terre-Cuite Grecs, Etrusque et Romains III, Vol III (Paris 1972), plate 191, #E293 and plate 56, #D276.

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