Greek Terracotta Youth Leaning on Column


Circa 4th-3rd Century BC

Description:  Terracotta figurine depicting a partially nude standing youthful male of finely grained buff color clay. His face is well modeled with expressive eyes, nose and mouth carefully articulated and seeming to convey youthful beauty. His petite round head and shy downward gaze add to the overall appearance of youth and confidence. He wears a thick stippled wreath. The figure is depicted nude except for a mantle draped over his left shoulder which cascades in sharp vertical folds at either side of the boy framing his exposed left leg and muffling his right. He stands contrapposto. He leans his left arm on a column. The boy stands on an integral oval plinth. Rectangular vent hole at the back. 

Height:   5.5 in (14 cm) 

Condition:  Fine and intact, with some surface scrapes affecting the belly and thigh, as visible in photo.  Quite attractive.    

Provenance:  Formerly in the collection of Professor and Mrs Sid Port, Los Angeles, CA.  Also, once Petzholtz collection. 

Reference:  See Catalogue of Greek Terracottas in the British Museum, Vol III (Lucilla Burn and Reynold Higgins), plate 22, #2123, for a very similar Tanagra example. 

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